Halloween Outing

Last Halloween I began to costume-up to go trick or treating with my daughters. Last year I of course went ridged as all I had to do was to pull the uniform out of the closet.

This year, my daughters decided to go Pirate. I was planning on taking the easy way out and go Klingon again, however my daughters suggested that I too go as a Pirate.

So the scramble began.

As my most recent pirate exposure was that of Jack Sparrow (excuse me, Captain Jack Sparrow), I tended to use him as a model.

My Captain had made the comment that my uniform boots could double duty as pirate boots, so I had something to wear on my feet. My uniform belt also found duty after I removed the belt buckle. Being a biker, of course I had a leather vest, so that too was included. A lucky find at Old Navy scored me a suitable white shirt (for only $5!). A stop at JoAnne's got me red material for a bandana.

I was well on my way to looking more pirate-ish.

On Ebay (I'm an admitted junkie) I found some Sparrow jewelry reproductions for an excellent price. The last thing I needed was a tri-corn hat!

I checked the Halloween shops in the area, but found nothing really suitable. An excursion to Disneyland also turned up nothing I liked.

I was about ready to go hatless, when one day out for a ride I spotted a shop in Burbank sporting a Calico Jack flag. Curious, I stopped in and found a workable tri-corn hat.

I was now ready to terrorize the Seven Seas!

At the local Community Center Halloween party, my eldest daughter (the one on the right) and I won first place in the costume contest!

When I first joined the Hurgh HaP, our captain Sylvia asked if I had any interest in the Pirate-side, to which I said "being Klingon is enough for me."

But now that I have had a taste the rum, I find myself longing for the spray of the sea in my face, looking for that horizon.

I have been 'outed' as a Pirate. And I am proud of it. I hope to make some of the Pirate events next year.

I've even chosen a Pirate name. My Klingon name, HoS'etlh, means 'strong blade'. Sounds Pirate enough for me.

Yo Ho! A Pirates life for me!

- Strong Blade


Day of Honor Preparations

Well, next month is the Fleet's rescheduled Day of Honor celebration.

I have been busy preparing my uniform and ridges for my "debut". This will be the first time that I will appear "ridged and ready" since joining the fleet.

I have had assistance from many quarters in preparing my Klingon persona. To those who assisted, I offer a hearty majQa' and Qapla'.

In my next post, I'll include a photo of the new Klingon warriror, as well as acknowledge those who were of assistance.


Disappointment and Relief

Tomorrow (200603.11) was to be our fleet's Day of Honor celebration.

Unfortunately due to weather and illness amongst the hosting crew, the celebration has been postponed till 200605.20.

I find myself feeling both disappointment and relief.

Disappointment because this would have been my first (other than ship meetings) participation in a Ring of Fire fleet organized event. Disappointment because I was so looking forward to a day of fun, food and friends, Klingon-style.

Relief because I am still not happy with my uniform or ridges. I have been running all over town picking up bits and pieces, testing make-up and putting everything together. Relief because I really wasn't looking forward to riding my motorcycle (the IKSV yanwI') to San Diego in the rain.

However I do not despair. I will be better prepared (I hope) for the rescheduled date. I will now also be able to attend the Grand Slam convention here in Pasadena.

Till next time, keep your betleth sharp and your bloodwine warm.

Klingon Jewelry

During my many conquests on eBay, I have come across a craftsman who makes quality Trek jewelry in Sterling Silver!

While this post is not intended as advertising for this person, I just wanted to share with you all.

Of particular interest is his line of Klingon items. I have obtained many of these pieces and I must say that I am quite impressed!

He is currently working on a Sword of Kahless, in addition to a set of Sterling Silver Klingon rank pins.

If you are interested, the seller's name is jerryourotherstorecom.

If you purchase any of his pieces, please tell him HoS'etlh sent you!


Reunited, And It Feels So Good!

It has been awhile since my last post, however I have not been inactive. A warrior is never inactive!

To bring you up-to-date on my Warrior's Quest:

* I have recently joined a local ship, the IKRV Hurgh HaP, as Head of Security. I have been to several ship meetings and will be attending my first DAY OF HONOR celebration next month. I am also in charge of the new ship web site, which will be decloaking soon.

* I have also been very active on an online forum for The Empire (see the LINKS section). They are a great bunch of bumpy heads, a good source of information and inspiration. Make it a point to visit.

* I have recently contacted the head of my house, and have renewed my ties to both the House Kasara and the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corp (see the LINKS section).

Being reunited with my Klingon brothers and sisters has renewed the warrior spirit in me.

Keep your betleH sharp and your bloodwine warm!


A Warrior's Halloween

This Halloween I took the opportunity to dust off the ridges and shimmy into the uniform (which surprisingly fit after the years of bloodwine and targ ribs).

Recognition was abundant as I escorted my daughters through the neighborhood. Strutting and snarling, I was shown both fear and respect. Despite the lack of new Trek on the tube, these Terrans still recognize a Klingon Warrior!

The uniform, while tight around the wargnog belly will serve me for now. As I return to active service in the Empire, I will need to upgrade my uniform. Hopefully which ever ship I join will have an established quartermaster and genetics sections.

It was a glorious night.


tlhInganpu' vInejnIS!

tlhInganpu' vInejnIS! (I need to find Klingons!)

My first efforts at finding Klingons in my area (I am located in Pasadena, California) centered around Internet searches. I tried various word combinations at various search sites with little success. Had the Empire dwindled so much during my absence?

From Internet searches I turned to my roots, the KIDC. There, I posted on the Klingon Imperial Forums (see the Links section). There I found success! Not only did I receive replies from fellow Klingons, some also took my message and posted it on other Klingon forums. From there I received several replies from Klingon in my area.

So now I am in the process of learning more about these area Klingon groups to find the best fit, as it were.

I am honored by the assistance given to me by my fellow Klingons.

reH tlhIngan wo' taHjaj!


Old Friends

After announcing my return to the Empire on several Klingon discussion boards (the best of which I'll be posting links to shortly), I received an email from my assistant Overseer, Stark Kasara.

I was good to hear from that ol' pointed ear logic junkie!

Returning to the Empire!

After a long absence, I have decided to once again seek glory in the service of the Empire.

Nearly 10 or more Earth years ago, I was adopted by the House Kasara. The Lady K'Zin Epitai Kasara, the Ambassador of the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corp (KIDC) granted me the title of Imperial Klingon Overseer. As the IKO, I fielded inquires about the KIDC from various entities across the planet. I was ably assisted by Stark Kasara, a Vulcan also adopted by the House Kasara.

Years in the mundane world pass, and my blood again began to burn.

So here I am, exploring the Klingon Empire to carve out my place in blood and glory.